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The powerful connection of Story, Art, and Music inspires Lisa Gerstner's interest in film. Known for engaging and inspiring films, she has experience in producing, directing, editing, and film scoring. Her company, Goldenwind Productions LLC, produces documentaries and artistic educational and promotional videos.

Currently, she is producer/director for a documentary about Crow artist, Earl Biss. The full length documentary is in post-production. An Earl Biss film website and movie trailer is coming soon.

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Prominent Native American Artist, Earl Biss, asked Lisa Gerstner to write his authorized biography. They worked together in 1994 through 1995. Biss passed away unexpectedly in 1998. Experiences with Earl Biss, The Spirit Who Walks Among His People was initially released at Indian Market in Santa Fe in August 2018. This dynamic, heart moving story recounts Earl's life in his own words, reflects culture and history relayed by people of the Crow Nation, and gives insights from Art collectors who value his work.

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An award winning composer, Lisa creates Music for film, choir, instrumentals ensembles, piano and more. 



Creative interests began with a strong foundation in Fine Art. Lisa draws on the invisible worlds to paint the visible. She often explores the relationship between sound and light; music and art. One media empowers the other.