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HeART Work


Lisa Gerstner draws from invisible worlds to paint the visible. She often explores the relationship between Sound and Light; between Music and Art. One media empowers the other.

She has been instructed and influenced by artists such as Earl Biss, Daniel Sprick, Earl Kuhn, Jim Gerstner, Ken Mitchell, and Elmer Tomasch.

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Photo: Lisa Gerstner, "Winds of Change", 12x18, oil on canvas


Prominent Native American Artist, Earl Biss, asked Lisa Gerstner to write his authorized biography. They worked together in 1994 through 1995. Biss passed away unexpectedly in 1998. Lisa is currently working to complete the book Experiences with Earl Biss, The Spirit Who Walks Among His People. This dynamic, heart moving story recounts Earl's life in his own words, reflects culture and history relayed by people of the Crow Nation, and gives insights from Art collectors who value his work.

Photo: Earl Biss, "Crossing the Whistling Water", oil on canvas, 40 x 60 in.


Lisa Gerstner's music compositions have ethereal qualities and range full spectrum from delicate as dew on the leaves, to thunderous and dynamic as storms. Her performance experience with piano, ensembles, choirs and concert bands paved the way for composing. Lisa’s career as a composer started in 1988 when she began to hear music in her dreams. She furthered her skill by studying music composition with Toby Tennenbaum and Art Lande. Other key influences are Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Paul Winter, Mark Isham, Nguyen Le, and Nelson Rangell. Lisa’s albums “Welcome Disturbance” and “Inquiry” received awards from the Colorado Council on Arts and Humanities and the Carbondale Council of Arts and Humanities. “Inquiry” was recorded in a marble quarry for the astounding natural acoustics. Lisa composes for piano, instrumental and vocal ensembles, choir, and film scores. 

Photo: Lisa's Kawai

Film Production

The powerful connection of Story, Art, and Music inspires Lisa Gerstner's interest in film. She has experience in producing, directing, and film scoring.

Photo: Shooting nature scenes with a Canon EOS 7D Mark II

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